Hello! A little about me


A brief story about me

I was exposed to Economics and research the summer after my freshman year, when I interned for a Nobel Prize winning economist. That experience peaked my interest in economics research, which encompasses a broad range of topics.

I graduated from UMBC in 2019, then
moved on to Harvard University as a post-baccalaureate research scholar in economics later that summer. At Harvard, I assisted on a project that applied machine learning to bolster the empirical techniques we used to uncover potential impacts and causal effects.

My Experience

T rOwe Price

Quantitative Investments Intern

Utilized behavioral economics concepts to optimize glide-paths in retirement portfolios

Harvard University

Research Scholar in Economics

Worked as a research assistant for Gautam Rao in collaboration with MIT, studying the economic outcomes of mental depression

University of Chicago / Center for the economics of Human Development

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Becker Friedman Institute Undergraduate Research Assistant for 2000 Nobel Prize recipient James Heckman

Carnegie Mellon University

Mathematical Finance Modeling

Compared the effectiveness of binomial and trinomial derivative pricing models, and constructed optimization algorithms to analyze model effectiveness